Inspiration of the Eagle Security Squad L.L.C. comes from the life of our CEO, Mr. Haider Zaidi, who after completing his Masters in Political Science and further acquiring the degree of L.L.B. started working as a federal agent for the government of Pakistan. During his career, Mr. Zaidi commanded multiple special task force operations against terrorists. He also served as the United Nations peace-keeper in hostile zones like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sudan and Haiti. After serving for almost 3 decades in the law enforcement, he decided to dedicate his experience and services to the safety and security of the civilians.
We guarantee the best security services because we have the best teams. Squads consisting of hand-picked agents, who are trained to work together like a team, even under extreme pressure. Eagle Security Squad L.L.C. agents work like a family, ready to display the highest level of dedication and devotion. Our agents put in their heart and soul providing the highest levels of dignitarian protocol while assuring maximum level of comfort for our clients. Overlooked directly by Mr. Zaidi, we have no room for error.
Eagle Security Squad L.L.C is a fairly new yet an extremely competitive company. Our agents are trained to do their job very well and are people who take pride in what they do. Ensuring your and/or your business's safety is our top priority. What sets us apart from our competitors is that instead of working for you, our company works with you, developing varying personalized contingency plans that differ in each individual case. Our experienced senior agents then check back with you once the plan has been implemented to ensure that you are satisfied. To guarantee the highest level of client satisfaction Eagle Security Squad's CEO, Mr. Zaidi stays active in the field himself. Personally working with the clients and monitoring the tasks himself.
10 Reasons Why You Should Hire Us:
​​1. We love what we do so we do a good job and never cut any corners.

2. We are reasonably priced and can almost guarantee a competitive and a better quote with a better work ethic.

3. We understand and respect your safety concerns and work hard to address and eliminate them.

​4. Our agents personally know each other, hence, they work like a family with great chemistry and teamwork.

5. Our agents are known to perform efficiently under pressure so you do not have to worry about any kind of situation.

6. Eagle Security Squad's agents are all very conscious of health and safety standards, so you are always in good hands.

7. Majority of our agents are locals to the Tri-state region as is our company. We are there for you 24x7 whether you want to talk on the phone or meet us in person to discuss any procedure that may concern you.

8. We offer  24 hours, 7 days a week services and quotations.

9. The agents are selected after going through 2 detailed interviews, so we can get to you the best service possible.

10. Disrespecting clients or their guests has always been a big issue within the security industry. Our agents, on the other hand, are very respectful,  and are always willing to learn and make adjustments, prioritizing your satisfaction above all.